What is the best gel memory foam mattress topper?


If you sleep in the heat at night then you should definitely consider buying a gel mattress topper. Gel memory foam mattresses were created in 2006 to reduce heat retention capacity. Follow our guide to know what is the best gel memory foam mattress topper.

Traditionally gel memory foam mattress has the same feeling as memory foam but it is cooler due to the presence of bed gel. Gel memory foam mattresses are usually made with gel-infused memory foam. These products help to dissipate your body heat, neutralize the temperature and bring a better environment and comfort for your sleep.

Usually, these products are less expensive than the mattresses they put on, so they allow you to change the feel of your bed at a lower cost. In this guide, we will introduce some of the best gel mattress toppers on the market. However, these mattresses may vary in style, design, and price but these mattresses are designed to keep the temperature low so that you can sleep comfortably all night long. What is the best gel memory foam mattress topper and it is very important to consider when buying your own topper?

What is gel memory foam?

Gel memory foam mattresses are made by adding gel-filled capsules to memory foam. Memory foam is made by adding liquid gel to the comfort layer of the mattress. The cooling gel helps you sleep cold while retaining the original body-consistent and stress-relieving properties of memory foam as well as removing heat.

The mattress makers that use the cooling gel are closely guarded and kept confidential. Some mattresses contain a thermal gel that helps to reduce body temperature by absorbing body heat and other mattresses use chemicals known as “phase-changing materials” or “PCM”. These chemicals harden at room temperature and change from body heat to the fluid. Is.

Many times the PCM of a gel memory foam mattress, once converted from a solid to a liquid, gets stuck in the heated mattress, which can cause the cooling effect of the gel memory foam to be temporary. The gel memory foam bed has a better cooling capacity than others and its effectiveness also depends on the composition of the other mattress layers and how hot it is at night while sleeping.

Hybrid gel memory foam mattresses perform better than an all-foam mattress because the coil layer of the hybrid mattress enhances the ability to breathe. The gel memory foam mattress cover material factors such as respiration and heat that affect its effectiveness.

What is the best memory foam mattress topper – top 7

  1. Linenspa  Convoluted Gel  Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  2. BrylaneHome Gel Mattress Topper Memory Foam
  3. Sleep  Ultra Soft Support Gel Memory Foam Dual Layer Mattress Topper,
  4. Linenspa Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper
  5. LUCID  Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  6. ZINUS  Gel Cooling Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  7. ViscoSoft  Memory Foam Mattress Topper

How do we pick a gel memory foam mattress?

 Here are some things to look for when selecting a gel memory foam mattress topper. Here are the things to look for when purchasing a Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper:

Gel-infused vs. gel foam:

First, you need to make a distinction between gel-infused memory foam and gel memory foam. Usually, a gel is added to the gel-infused memory foam which, despite being cool, does not have a uniform effect across the entire layer.

If you want a cool sleep experience and don’t want too hot sleep, you can focus on gel memory foam because it is simply mixed with gel.

Other cooling features:

Gel Memory Foam is an effective and popular cooling agent that can run across other infusions to search for your mattress topper. It contains graphite and copper to absorb and remove body heat that works evenly across a structure. Copper infusions are very attractive because they are antimicrobials that create a healthy sleep experience.


The thickness of your mattress topper should be 2-3 “thick if you want a lot of deep sinkages, body contouring, and stress relief. But if you want a little cushioning of the thickness of the mattress topper you can reduce it by one inch. Find out how long you want your mattress topper. If you are worried about doing so, go to the product description, details section. Many brands even include these dimensions in the name of Topper.


Another important thing for your mattress topper is to consider its density. If you do not want to use a mattress that can be overheated, you need to pay attention to the density of the foam.


A mattress topper may seem like a simple product but its design has a huge impact on how it actually feels. Most memory foam cooling uses a gel topper but it is not the only ingredient so it is important to note what else is going on. If the memory foam is attached to the ventilation foam it can breathe more and when combined with a quilted fill layer it can be cooler.

Other gel-infused beds and accessories

Memory foam is priced based on its quality, number of layers, mattress material, and mattress size but a gel memory foam mattress can make a mattress more expensive than a traditional memory foam bed. If you don’t want to spend too much on a gel memory foam bed, you can use gel-infused accessories like mattress pads and toppers.

Gel-infused mattress topper

Mattress toppers add an extra layer to adjust the firmness or softness of your bed. Gel-infused mattress toppers are usually 2 to 4 inches deep and serve as a good alternative for understanding how gel memory foam feels.

Gel-infused mattress pad

The mattress pad is a thinner version of the mattress topper that uses both the topper and the pad as the top layer of the bed to adjust its firmness or softness.

How long does the gel memory foam mattress last?

How long a gel memory foam mattress lasts depends on how well they are cared for. Typically, a gel memory foam mattress can last from eight to ten years.

Is gel foam toxic?

The gel is a synthetic material designed for the aviation and aerospace industries in the medical field for its temperature control and post-operative support. Like traditional memory foam mattress toppers, gel memory foam mattresses can emit organic and chemical vapors. Manufacturers do not use formaldehyde in their gel foam mattresses and mattress toppers which is considered a carcinogen and a common cause of low air quality. According to research from manufacturers like CertiPUR-US, gel foam is not toxic, they certify this foam as non-toxic.

Those who are sensitive to odors, organic or chemical compounds may occasionally experience nausea and headaches for off-gassing when installing a new mattress or topper. And to overcome this problem, spread the new gel foam product outside the bedroom in a well-ventilated area for 48 hours. Its odor usually goes away in 3-7 days and after adequate ventilation, the new gel mattress is ready to be installed on the topper bed.

Is gel foam cooler than memory foam?

The gel foam mattress is cooler than memory foam because the gel particles of gel foam mattress remove heat from the body during sleep but memory foam is famous for retaining its heat. Memory foam mattress can accumulate heat as an unexpected result of concentration, if it is trapped in too much heat it can interfere with sleep. The gel memory foam mattress comes at a higher price than standard memory foam because of the manufacturing process and the additional components involved.

Integrating cooling gels into gel memory foam mattresses increases heat dissipation as its gel granules absorb heat away from the body. The higher the distribution of gel particles in the mattress topper, the better the heat transfer. When purchasing a mattress topper you need to make sure the product is made with high quality and non-toxic materials and for those who are overweight or suffering from pain due to pressure points, gel memory foam can be an excellent option that can adequately support other mattress toppers. No.

Gel mattress topper, gel-infused mattress topper, or gel rolling mattress topper will depend on the choice of cool desired firmness, softness, or heat retention. The molding effect and elasticity of the memory foam combined with the cooling gel will control the temperature as well as ensure luxurious comfort and good sleep.


What is the best gel mattress topper?

The best gel mattress topper is one ton of gel cooled with a thick layer of foam to balance stress-relieving and comfort. This mattress topper is ventilated for extra breathing.

Is gel memory foam mattress topper good?

Gel memory foam mattress toppers are very good because they not only have a lot of body contouring, stress relief, and sync features, they are also very effective in removing body heat for a good night’s sleep.

What is a gel foam mattress topper?

A gel foam topper is a gel particle used on top of an existing mattress that can bring a little extra coolness and comfort to a structure. This mattress topper is usually made of gel-infused foam, so it is soft and helps to remove heat and breathe.

Is gel memory foam harder than regular memory foam?

The gel memory foam mattress is better and more durable than traditional foam and the manufacturers offer a better warranty. However, due to the support gel foam offers, it will feel stronger than traditional memory foam.

Is gel memory foam hot to sleep?

Gel-infused foams release trapped heat to improve airflow and are designed to help sleepers stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. The gel granules on the gel memory foam mattress absorb heat from the body and move away. The higher the distribution of gel particles in the mattress topper, the better the heat transfer.

is a gel memory foam mattress good for your back?

There are many quality foam mattresses to reduce your back pain which the upper layer is made with gel memory foam and helps to control the temperature. This keeps you cool all night while crawling the contours of your body and will not be a problem for your back no matter where you sleep.

Other cool variations from memory foam mattresses?

Mattress manufacturers have developed a memory foam bed cooling process to give you a better sleeping experience. Elements such as mattress structural design additions, plant-based alternatives, and cover elements also use the zeal to determine coolness.

Mattress structural design:

Some mattresses are designed with air channels to improve airflow and increase breathing. And these air channels run from top to bottom and it creates a zoned system to improve ventilation in certain places where airflow is most needed.

Mattress attachment:

Additives like graphite and copper work well to increase the heat conductor and cooling of a mattress. It removes heat from your body and gives you a good night’s sleep.

Plant-based alternatives:

Because plant-based oils are cooler than synthetic petrochemicals, they are substituted for mattresses to create a breathable, more responsive memory foam to keep sleeping people cool.

Cover material:

Some high-quality mattress covers may contain innovative materials that convert your body heat into energy and help you sleep cold at night.

What is the difference between gel memory foam and memory foam?

There are some differences between memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses but there are more similarities. The materials used to make gel memory foam are almost the same except for the extra gel.


  • Compared to a standard memory foam bed, the gel foam mattress removes heat and feels cold.
  • Gel memory foam returns faster than traditional memory foam and is permanent and durable.


  • These mattresses provide body contouring and stress relief and are an option for those looking for cushion and support balance.
  • These beds are good for couples because of the tossing and bending.
  • These beds are available in varying degrees of suiting side, firmness, back, and belly slipper.
  • These mattresses are good for those who have back pain because the features that are compatible with their body provide good support.

Is sagging in the gel memory foam mattress a concern?

Memory foam hanging on the edge of the mattress can be a concern, especially due to the extra weight when getting out of bed. Many mattresses are made with advanced edge support to deal with edge sagging problems. Most mattress manufacturers cover more than 1 inch of hanging in the warranty, so before buying a new mattress, look at the warranty, sleep test and return policies in detail.

Which mattress type is best for me?

If you are a hot sleeper then you may need a cool mattress. But it is up to you to decide which cool mattress to choose. Carefully read the mattress reviews to secure a good night’s sleep for you before investing in a new bed. For cool mattresses, it is important to consider the thickness of the foam layers and the overall design of the product. By doing this you will be able to choose the best mattress and it will be 100% accurate for your sleep needs.


Before you start searching for the best gel memory foam mattress topper, think about your bed and make sure you like it. A topper can change the vibration of a mattress so you will find a topper supported by a longer trial period or a tougher warranty. Mattress toppers are usually made with a single layer of foam so it is important that you pay attention to how the foam is designed.

Whether this mattress topper is ventilated for breathing or zoned for support, one has to pay attention to the details to get a better idea of the overall feel of the topper. You need to know how to secure a gel mattress topper. By following these you can choose the best gel memory foam mattress topper.

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