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What is a Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

A gel mattress also known as a memory foam mattress or a cool gel mattress uses a combination of memory foam and gel. These cool gel memory foam mattress products have body-consistent and support properties of memory foam but they sleep cooler than standard memory foam. Read on to find out what is a cool gel memory foam mattress.

Most companies keep gel formulas secret because they may mix the gel with memory foam or put gel padding on top of the memory foam. Again many use gel pockets or gel beads. Those who prefer a cool night’s sleep can opt for a cool gel memory foam mattress. A cool gel memory foam mattress will help a night of good comfortable sleep.

People who prefer a cool night’s sleep will choose a gel foam bed as it will give you a good night’s sleep.

If you love warm sleep but the feeling of memory foam, then a cool gel memory foam mattress may be a good choice for you. The cool gel memory foam mattress feels like regular memory foam, but it does feel a lot cooler.

Let’s take a look at what is a cool gel memory foam mattress and how cool gel mattresses are made and what they can do for your night’s sleep.

What is the gel mattress made of?

Manufacturers combine gel and memory foam with slipper bodies to create mattresses that provide coolness and support. Most companies keep secret the proportions of gel and foam used in their mattresses, but these two ingredients are chemical composites.

The bottom structure of the cool gel foam mattress varies and it may include coils or other components that support the gel memory foam mattress. The gel in the cooling gel mattress is similar to the gel inside the pad that farmers use to keep the cow cool and comfortable since the cow is heavier than the man so the formula of the gel-infused mattress is different from the cow pad.

So you can use gel-infused foam on any type of mattress like a hybrid, foam, etc.
In some cases, you may want to place a gel top on top of regular memory foam or inner springs mattresses as these are usually cheaper than full-size memory foam with cooling gel mattresses.

What is a cool gel memory foam mattress?

A cool gel foam mattress is made by mixing Visco foam and gel particles together which is air-filled, efficient, cool, air-building, and retains moisture. Slippers are designed to create molds in a normal sleeping position. The cool gel foam mattress has memory foam in the gel system which will create a comfortable environment for your night’s sleep.

What is the difference between cooler gel and memory foam?

One of the primary differences between cooler gel and regular memory foam is cooling. Cooler memory foam gel mattress gel beads give it an extra layer of breathability and coolness, but regular memory foam is the opposite of what stays warm during use, which can be a much cooler alternative to sleep.

What is a gel memory foam mattress?

Over the years, manufacturers have developed new techniques and technologies to deal with excess heat. Among the newest and best developments is the cooling gel Gofoam mattress. Cool gel foam can help absorb heat away from the body and improve the ability to control the temperature at the comfort level of memory foam.

There are various ways to make a gel memory foam mattress as there are some manufacturers whipping the liquid gel in liquid memory foam before letting the corrosion harden. Other manufacturers add a top layer of gel a few inches above the comfort level of the mattress. Not all gel foam mattresses are the same.

Their cooling capacity depends on the chemicals in the gel and memory foam as well as the other layers of the mattress.
Hybrid, gel memory foam mattresses, for example, are great because they have an internal support layer that promotes airflow.

What is a memory foam mattress?

What is a Memory Foam Mattress? | Mattress Online

One of the best mattress materials on the market is the best memory foam mattress. The unit is suitable for memory foam bedding. Memory foam mattresses have an amazing contouring ability that does not match other mattresses. It helps to lower your body weight and adjust the curve in a way that relieves stress points. However, the biggest problem with traditional memory foam mattresses is that they retain body heat and feel hot.


How do I cool my memory foam mattress?

If you have a memory foam mattress that gives the feeling of a very hot sleep, there is a way to cool it without replacing it. You can also use a gel foam or latex foam mattress topper over a memory foam mattress. Also, use a cooling mattress protector.

A mattress protector is made of waterproof fabric that not only keeps your mattress cool, but also has the added benefit of protecting it from stains, bed bugs, dust, and other threats.

What does a cool gel mattress do?

A cool gel mattress absorbs heat from your body and helps you get a good night’s sleep. It pulls moisture from your skin which evaporates and the air is transferred to your body to keep you cool.

The bed has a layer of premium polyester fillings, which absorb and release heat from the body, so the mattress is less contaminated. A cool gel mattress can keep your body cool.

How long do cooling gel memory foam mattresses last?

Compared to other mattresses, memory foam and gel foam mattresses are less durable. Memory foam and gel foam mattresses have a good chance of lasting five to eight years if their covers are carefully cared for.

Is gel memory foam mattress good?

Memory foam or gel foam mattress works well depending on your needs. Different layers of memory foam and gel foam will help you provide comfortable, good sleep, lightweight and stable support, stability, and pain relief. Usually, the gel foam mattress is less warm but the rest of the mattress bounces faster.

What is the best base for gel foam mattress?

The best mattress foundation for any memory foam mattress is a mattress foundation or platform bed that is no more than 2.75 inches apart. Many foundations and platforms may not have slats nearby, so it is important for you to buy an extra slat with enough slats. If you do not do this, your mattress may hang at the base of the bed.

Is Gel Memory Foam Mattress Soft or Hard?

Gel memory foam mattresses usually come in medium-soft to medium-strong textures. These mattresses fit comfortably for most sleepers, especially those who weigh less than 230 pounds on their backs.

Does the gel mattress topper keep you cool?

Gel mattress toppers keep you cool because they are especially useful for cooling mattress toppers when you spray gel on them.

Is gel foam cooler than memory foam?

The gel foam mattress is cooler than memory foam because gel memory foam has other advantages. It is more flexible than memory foam and foam returns faster than conventional memory foam.


One of the best advances in technology is that gel memory foam mattresses are more advanced than traditional memory foam. A cool gel memory foam mattress helps reduce excess heat which is the number one complaint about memory foam mattress sleeping accessories.

If you are not a hot slipper and are looking for a memory foam that will not lead to night sweats and excess heat then you can choose a cool gel memory foam mattress.



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