how to make a pillow top mattress firmer

How To Make A Pillow Top Mattress Firmer?

A good night’s sleep requires a comfortable mattress and different cushions for different body styles and sleep and they are all made separately. Follow our guide on how to make a pillow top mattress Firmer.

Some of these are firm while many others are very soft especially if it is a pillow-top mattress. Even a regular memory foam or latex mattress can be too weak to give you proper support and can lose its firmness over time.

Replacement is not a solution if you have bought a pillow mattress or a very soft mattress and you may be wondering how to make the pillow top mattress Firmer?

So, let’s discuss some points on how to make a pillow top mattress firmer.

How to make a pillow top mattress firmer in an easy step

Tightening the mattress on your pillow is a good thing and it is important to make sure that it is firm as it affects the performance of the mattress. And it affects the comfort you feel when you sleep.

Sleeping and resting after a long tiring day are essential and an excellent conditioned bed for sleep that mostly makes sleep more comfortable and better.

Here are four steps you can take to begin the process of preparation.

Step 1. Checking your bed frame

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It is important to check the frame of your mattress. Sometimes the top of the mattress did not feel firm and comfortable because the problem was in the frame. For this, you must remove the pillow top mattress with box springs.

Check your frame because it sometimes has problems and the shaking loosens due to shaking. You can tighten these screws using a screwdriver if you want. You can then disassemble the frame and reassemble it if you notice any abnormalities in the mattress.

You need to remember that the foundation of a mattress is the most important because its support comes from the foundation and you need to have a strong and sturdy mattress on top of it.

Step 2. An alternative to

The softness affects the foundation you place the mattress on top of your pillow. It can be uncomfortable if you sleep in a worn-out box spring. You can add a thin wooden board under the mattress if you want it gives more support.

You can get a mattress helper if you don’t want to deal with plywood or make it harder. The mattress helper is usually for hanging the mattress. It is strong support. The mattress helper can go under one side of the mattress to give you a stronger feeling.

Plywood, Mattress Helper A new bed frame should be placed on the floor for a night or two to test if it will help tighten the mattress on top of your pillow. This is because placing it on a hard floor will make the mattress feel stiffer than it is in a box spring, and can be nice while waiting for other items to enter.

Step 3. Add a mattress pad on top

You can add a mattress pad on top of the mattress to make your mattress more comfortable. If you want a soft mattress, you can use a thin type mattress pad that can cover the whole area of your bed.

Place the pillow pad between the sheet and the mattress as this will prevent it from flowing. If you want, you can use some pins on the top mattress of your pillow which will prevent your pad from slipping.

Using a mattress pad will take you in the right direction for support and firmness and will work just fine for the mattress above the pillow.

Step 4. Sort the last option

You don’t want to flip a mattress over a pillow or if your mattress was made 10 years ago you won’t get any support and it will feel like sleeping on concrete. You can flip it over and use a mattress pad to get proper support, but I will avoid it at any cost, as it is best to avoid tightening the top of the pillow or adding materials.

It can be messy and worse if you do it wrong. It is important that you always do something to make your mattress more comfortable and better to use.

The pillowtop mattress is more helpful?

Trial Period: Many pillow-top mattresses come with a trial period where you can get a replacement or get a full refund without paying extra. Check if the cushion is still under trial warranty and replace it knowing if it is too soft for you. Get an alternative, which is firm and helpful.

Check the box spring:

A sagging base frame can be a cause of a soft mattress, but if you use a box spring as a mattress base, remove the cushion and tighten the loose screws. If you see incorrect alignment, remove the frames and reattach them.

If you notice any irreparable damage to the box spray, use plywood under the mattress and make sure that the plywood pieces match the base frame.


If you are near the beach, your mattress can absorb moisture from the environment and give a very soft feeling.

If you remember this, take out the cushion and let it dry in the sun. Doing so will not only restore the firmness of your mattress but will also kill all the bacteria, mites, and silverfish in the mattress as it is damp.

Room temperature:

A memory foam mattress is heat sensitive so it will gain extra softness at high temperatures while giving you a solid feeling in a cold environment.

So, try to ventilate your bedroom and lower the temperature in the air conditioner so that you can adjust the temperature to your liking.


Did we answer the question: how to make a pillow top mattress firmer? There are many options and steps for you to make your decision. Be sure to read it carefully before making the right decision.

Place your pillow foam mattress in a solid frame and protect it from moisture, if your bed is still gaining softness or softness, we have given you various ways to change the mattress firmness level.

You can follow any one or all of them depending on the situation. If you try this step we are sure you will change your mind immediately.

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