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How to Clean an Air Mattress

Whether you’re going camping on vacation or sleeping, air mattresses make for a great and quick sleeping place. The air mattress in particular gets dirty over time if you use it outside, so this guide gives you tips on how to clean an air mattress before you go out.

Air mattresses provide an easy-to-save, light-weight alternative to the difficult traditional spring or memory foam bed that can be set up in an instant and help with temporary sleep arrangements. While air mattresses are incredibly convenient, they also have a tendency to cause problems such as dirt collection and mold.

The delicate material with which air mattresses are made cannot be cleaned like regular mattresses. However, you do not have to worry about it, it can be cleaned quickly and easily. If you use air mattresses for a long time, it increases the tendency to collect dirt and mold. Not cleaning regularly can give off an unpleasant odor, create allergens and affect the quality of sleep for you or your guests.

Cleaning an air mattress is not as difficult as you think, once you clean the mattress and you need to properly maintain and repair it for prolonged use. A proper air mattress can give you a soft and comfortable place to sleep night after night.

So, in this guide, we will discuss how to clean an air mattress to avoid stains, mold, and grime on your mattress. , Why it is important to clean these beds periodically and follow these simple steps to prevent mold growth.

Why should you clean an air mattress?

Before you know how to clean an air mattress, you don’t know why you need to clean it.

Air mattresses should be washed after each use or at least once a season. If you do not consider cleaning your air mattress regularly, it can quickly turn to dust from various contaminants.

Because whenever you set up an air mattress it picks up dust, dirt, and hair from the floor. And when people sleep in a blow-up bed, their body sweats, which accumulates over time. As a result, the earbuds produce odors for months to years.

Finally, if you place your air mattress in a dark basement or storage unit, it may be prone to mold and mold growth there. Necessary care and regular cleaning should be done to avoid odors, mold, and stains.

You get the most out of your air mattress and follow our guide for the best air mattresses on the market. How to Fix a Hole in an Air Mattress?

What you will use to clean the air mattress?

You have your mattress ready for cleaning. Collect the equipment you use how to clean an air mattress. What kind of cleaning you want will depend on the right materials you need. Here are some tips to help you clean air mattresses:

1. If you want to clean thoroughly on a polyvinyl air mattress, use a hot water solution with some dish soap. We recommend it.

2. If you are trying to remove human or cat urine from the bed and want to get rid of its odor then you need to use vinegar and baking soda.

3. If you want to remove mold or slime from the mattress, we recommend applying water in equal parts and rubbing alcohol on the contaminated area.

How do you clean air mattress without any hassle?

Fortunately, air mattresses are made with PVC and there are many ways to clean PVC-made materials but you have to be careful with cheap quality cleaning products while cleaning them.

Some cheap quality cleaning products can damage your airbeds. They should not be used if you do not really need airbeds. Before you start cleaning air mattresses without any hassle, you need to make some preparations:

Place the airbed on a flat surface:

The first thing you need to do is take the airbed out of the storage bag and place it on a flat surface. This will help you clean your airbeds faster with less effort. If you have other types of open space, we recommend that you clean up there.

But be sure to keep it away from your pet and any other object in your home otherwise it can cost you a lot for cleaning.

Unplug your AirBed:

How to Inflate An Air Bed - Step by Step Guide

Airbeds with built-in pumps have become very common in the market these days. If your airbed is one of those airbeds then this is an important point to keep in mind.

Because no matter how many air mattresses (especially with water) you will never clean it when it is plugged in. Before you make sure the switch is turned off and the cord is disconnected.

Then secure the cord inside its case and make sure you close it tightly. I say this because there are some people who start cleaning their air mattresses with water while the pump cord is attached which can be very dangerous for you.

Deflate the bed:

After successfully unplugging the cord all the air has to be taken out from the airbed and you have to make other preparations. Then make sure there is no air left inside. There are many ways to get the air out, but the fastest way is to walk on ventilation.


Finally, your mattress should be thoroughly vacuumed to remove outside dust and dirt with a cleaning solution before washing. And we recommend keeping the mattress inflated when completing this task.

To vacuum your air bed, first gently run the hose attachment under the top of the mattress. After that, go to the side of the mattress and invert the air bed to vacuum the bottom.

How to clean an air mattress 5 easy steps

Although many different textiles and plastics are used to make air mattresses, most air mattresses use a combination of different materials, including polyurethane plastic (PU), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and rubber compounds.

Even antimicrobial velour and velvet mattress tops are more expensive. When cleaning air mattresses it is advisable to use a mild or mild cleaning solution to help prevent surface deterioration and reduce the potential for future holes and/or holes.

Step 1: Dust and dirt

How to Clean an Air Mattress in 4 Simple Steps - Ultra Fresh

It is certain that most air mattresses are being used on the floor or in tents. And because of this, dust, dirt, and hair are completely collected from the floor. Therefore, it is important to vacuum any loose debris and stuck dust, or dirt before using water and cleaning products.

Inflate the mattress so that the wrinkles are released and its surfaces are leveled by pressure. You may want to use a strong vacuum to remove the stuck debris. If you do not have a strong vacuum, a handheld unit will work as an alternative.

A more powerful vacuum prevents you from embedding loose dirt or dust on top of soft fabrics or non-oven textiles. Unfortunately, dirty scrubbing pushes particles into more material which makes it harder to remove other stains.

Step 2: Odor removal

3 Ways to Clean an Air Mattress - wikiHow

If your air mattress starts to produce a foul odor, it is because you are storing it with moisture. This will result in symptoms of active mold or mild disease. You may want to sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the mattress to remove this active mold or mild, odor.

Although you do not have to cover the airbed when using baking soda. Using too little baking soda can have a lasting aroma and let the baking soda sit for 3-5 minutes before cleaning.

Step 3: Clear the solution

3 Ways to Clean an Air Mattress - wikiHow

Cleaning can be done with the items in your home if you want to create a light non-harmful cleaning solution.

Alcohol rubbing (great for mildew) by mixing mild soap with the most used hot water. You can also mix one and a half to two cups of vinegar with water (suitable for mold).

You can also choose a brand of disinfectant to clean your mattress if you want. It is advisable to consult your user or the manufacturer of your Airbus for the proposed product.

We recommend completing the cleaning process in a warm, dry, and well-lit area after finding the best solution for your mattress cleaning material. This will not only reduce the drying time of your mattress but also help prevent further mold or mildew.

Step four: Clean the air mattress with a soft cloth

After cleaning or removing all stains from the air mattress, you should start cleaning plastic or rubber surfaces with a soft cloth soaked in alcohol.

Focus on where the air mattress may have stains, then remove them. This way you will be able to remove a lot of dirt and debris.

If the mattress has stains or dirt that did not pick up the fabric, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the area. Then wash the soft cloth and wipe the place again. And if you keep repeating this process, you will be able to clean your mattress. I do not recommend any water or moisture entering the interior of the air mattress as it may cause mold and bacterial formation. Which eventually ruins your mattress.

Step 5: Dry your mattress

It is very easy to dry your mattress. Handle the mattress outside on a warm and sunny day. However, if the UV rays are exposed for a long time, the components can be somewhat harmful. If this is not possible (due to weather or accommodation) leaving an air mattress outside, you can keep the airbed near the dehumidifier to dry. This is the best solution. It is incredibly important to make sure that the mattress is completely free of moisture before storing.


How to prevent mold or mildew on your air mattress?

To prolong the life of the mattress, mold or soft growth must be completely prevented. This will save you money. Here are some tips to prevent mold on your air mattress that you can follow.

  • Dry your mattress completely after washing and before storing.
  • Store your air mattress in a well-ventilated and well-ventilated place so that moisture does not accumulate in the folds.
  • If mold growth in your mattress is a recurrence, you may want to consider buying a vinyl zip cover. These covers are machine washable which will help your mattress to prevent mold and clean regularly.
How Ultra-Fresh Can Help Having An Air Mattress Cleaner?

Ultra-Fresh is a safe and effective antimicrobial treatment used to prevent odors, stains, and corrosion due to the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew on an air mattress.

Materials used to make air mattresses such as PVC, PU,   and below – are used with adhesives to seal the seams. Antimicrobial technology is included in the products during the ultra-fresh manufacturing process. Microbial growth, and the resulting unpleasant odors and ugly spots can not hold.

Why you should clean an air mattress?

The air mattress is the most convenient and comfortable of all the furniture in the house. Its basic design and durability make them an easy solution to fit into almost any space. However, it can be dirty as a result of use. So it is

Household items, like other items, need to be cleaned regularly.

The air mattress should be cleaned at least once a year to get rid of bacteria and mold. If you do not clean your air mattress, the dust will get dirty and the bacteria and mold will grow and which can cause serious health problems.


You need to know how to clean an air mattress to extend the life of your air mattress. Air mattresses need to be cleaned regularly to create a clean, pollution-free environment for guests.

Believe me, if you store it in the dirty condition you can’t use it for another trip and you will get a bad smell next time you use it.

We recommend cleaning your airbeds at least once or more a year to keep them fresh. Or you can clean the body more frequently as needed to remove sweat, urine, or mold.

It should take 30 minutes to deeply clean your mattress from start to finish. Even better, the best mattress-cleaning ingredients you already have on hand, such as baking soda, dish soap, and vinegar.

If you clean the air mattress regularly in this way, you can use it for a long time. Cleaning should be your first priority before you save your air mattress.

I have tried to give you every information about how to clean an air mattress. Now you can clean your airbed using these methods to make it look new.



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