How To Build A Memory Foam Mattress Foundation

How To Build A Memory Foam Mattress Foundation?

A memory foam mattress is a great investment for a comfortable, supportive bed. But, like any investment, you want to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. That’s why it’s important to build a memory foam mattress foundation that will help extend the life of your mattress and keep it comfortable for years to come. Here are four tips to help you build the perfect memory foam mattress foundation.

A memory foam mattress is designed to conform to the body, providing support and comfort. A memory foam mattress foundation is a great way to get the most out of your mattress. Here are some tips on how to build a memory foam mattress foundation.

If you want to get a very good night’s sleep then you need to create a bed mattress foundation.

If you want to create a memory foam mattress foundation and if you like DIY projects then we are going to take you to the easiest three-way DIY guide. How To Build A Memory Foam Mattress Foundation All you need to make a memory foam mattress foundation is hardwood and some necessary tools.

You really want to pick the best establishment for making an adaptive padding sleeping pad and your first objective is to find a good foundation that will provide adequate support for your mattress.

You need to choose the foundation that is best for your home. You need to determine your budget.

If you choose a poor-quality foundation, your bed will sag and lose its shape. We recommend that you check how long it takes to break a memory foam mattress.

The connection between the foundation and the memory foam is the break-in period. This indicates the actual structure of the mattress.

If you make a good memory foam mattress foundation you will be able to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Why do you need a foundation for a memory foam mattress? And How To Build A Memory Foam Mattress Foundation

Memory foam mattresses do not need to have a foundation, but their support and comfort are very important for the appeal. No specific platform is required for memory foam mattresses unless it is able to prevent hanging. You can always replace it with a slat or a piece of plywood.

Memory foam mattresses will sit on the frame of the bed in a box spring. Most of the frames are not designed to carry the load of the mattress. You can use it if you have a box spring, but you need to build a foundation to get good results.

If you want to reduce the height of the bed, you need to shorten the spring of the box, and if the bed does not have a frame, a foundation will be created. This foundation will give you a better look for storage and bedroom.

How do you make a foundation for a memory foam mattress?

Prepare the ingredients:

  • First, determine the length and width of the memory foam mattress to know the size of your frame.
  • Choose hardwood so that it does not break in your daily use
  • How much wood you need for your frame depends on how much fitting you want for the foundation.
  • You measure three crossbars in the foundation for stability.
  • The best frame has the usual allowance and makes sure it is way longer than the crossbar in the middle.
  • Determine adequate measurements of foot wood and slats for the foundation of your mattress.
  • Keep the extra amount of materials for mistakes.

Get your wood

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Everyone needs wood first to make a memory foam mattress foundation. Before starting construction work, you need to make sure that you have all the wood you need.

Then you need to measure the length and width of your memory foam mattress and in different ways, you need to set up this foundation.

To make the bed easier, you first need to flush the mattress against the edges of the frame. However, the mattress may move a little.

Next, you need to make a border around the mattress so that it sits on a cradle. You need to take at least two to three crossbars so that your mattress does not sag or break.

Note that the middle crossbars will be slightly longer than the length of the outer frame.

Determine the adequate size of the foot wood and slats for the foundation and the long legs will help you to store things under the bed. So think carefully about everything and plan to build.

Make a wooden frame

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To create this mattress foundation you need to make sure there is a certain workplace where there is enough space. Of course, we recommend making this mattress foundation in the bedroom.

To make the frame, attach the two side pieces to the end pieces using wood glue. And before working with nails or screws let it dry, check how long it takes for the wood to dry, and plan accordingly.

You make a cradle for the mattress then attach the wooden panel outside the base frame to make it easier to build. Attach the screws to the corners for reinforcement by gluing the panels to the frame.

Insert the crossbars along the length and attach them with wood glue and screws. Once the glue has dried you can work quickly by drilling a hole using a screw.

Add slats

Attach the slats to your frame using screws or nails so that the crossbars are in the middle and the slats are on each side. This way the support will be more steady. If you want to make the frame more stable, you can use glue instead of screws or nails.

Add legs and finish the memory foam mattress foundation
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If you have a cradle, finish the bed foundation by inverting the frame and adding legs. The best way to attach the legs of the frame is to glue the corners of the wood together.

Check the nails or screws on the wood first so that you can not hit them while attaching the legs. Measure the size and durability of the foundation so that you can attach more legs to the center of the frame, not just the corners.

Can I use plywood under the memory foam mattress?

Using a thin piece of wood under the memory foam bed increases durability and provides a solid foundation. But make a few holes across the plywood for comfort and airflow. It helps to solve the problem of memory foam mattresses such as the tendency to hot sleep.

What kind of plywood is best for a memory foam mattress bed and can be used. If you want at least half an inch thick and anything more, check the wood surface, otherwise, the mattress may be damaged due to roughness.


You can prevent your memory foam from hanging or breaking on the bed by making a good and proper foundation. Creating a foundation makes the mattress durable and strong.

Read this tutorial on how to make a memory foam mattress foundation. First, you start with the outer frame then end with crossbars, cradles, slats, and legs. Accurate measurement of the frame and made with suitable materials will make the frame much more durable.

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