The best hybrid and innerspring mattress

The Best Hybrid and Innerspring Mattress

If you want to upgrade your mattress then hybrid mattresses are one of the most popular options for upgrading. However, innerspring mattresses are one of the most traditional mattresses on the market. We will help you find the best hybrid and innerspring mattress.

Hybrids are basically, evolved interior mattresses that give you the perfect balance of comfort and support. Hybrid mattresses are generous for comfort, it has a pocketed coil system for soft feeling and a thin comfort layer made of memory foam, latex foam, or polyfoam. Hybrid mattresses bring back the advantages of coils as a result of denying the flaws of an internal mattress. Hybrid and internal spring mattresses have a coil system as the base support structure.

Like hybrid mattresses, InnerSpring mattresses are one of the most traditional mattresses on the market and can be considered as a precursor to modern memory foam and latex mattresses. Many quality InnerSpring mattresses provide great support, plenty of comforts, and long-lasting durability. InnerSpring Mattress will help you sleep cold and reduce body heat. The space between its coils helps with higher levels of airflow and respiration throughout the night.

In this post, we list the best hybrid and innerspring mattresses to help you find your best mattress. Follow our complete guide to find the best hybrid and InnerSpring mattress models for all types of slippers.

Top 10 Best Hybrid Mattress

  • Overall Hybrid Mattress – Saatva Classic
  • Hybrid Mattress Cooling – Helix Midnight Luxe
  • best Overweight Sleepers – Brooklyn Bedding Titan
  • Best Luxury – Birch Luxe
  • Hybrid Mattress for Couples – DreamCloud
  • Best Pressure Relief – Layla Hybrid
  • Best Hybrid for Side Sleepers – Avocado Green Mattress
  • Best for Combination Sleepers – Birch Original
  • Best Value For The Money – Bear Hybrid
  • Latex Hybrid Mattress – GhostBed

Our top pick best hybrid and innerspring mattress

What is a hybrid mattress?

If you are thinking of buying a hybrid mattress, first look at a coil layer on the mattress support structure, with at least two inches of memory foam or Comfort Latex on top. This is because many mattress manufacturers use the term hybrid in any bed with a mixture of different materials. But a true hybrid mattress must have a coil base with at least 2 inches of foam on top.

A hybrid mattress material

 A hybrid mattress has several layers which makes it a heavier bed than other mattresses. Such as InnerSpring or Memory Foam Mattress does not do it.

Comfort layer

Hybrid mattresses have a comfort layer with at least 2 inches of latex or memory foam for cushioning effect and its plush comfort layer provides contouring support and stress relief to your body.

Transition layer

Some hybrid mattresses have a transition layer made of solid poly-foam to reduce stress on the support structure and increase the durability of the mattress, making them much softer than an internal mattress.

Core support structure

The hybrid mattress should have a coil system as the support structure base. Nowadays, some popular hybrid mattresses have pocket coils that wrap the fabric separately or wrap in foam.


The bottom of the pocketed coil contains a layer of high-density poly-foam that enhances its support and provides shock absorption.

Advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses have some advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of hybrid mattress springs are that they combine with memory foam or latex, but there are some drawbacks.


Comfortable for all sleeping positions.

Provides body-consistent, stress-point relief.

Provides extra support and bounce.

Reduces speed transfer.

Promotes airflow.


The tension in the coil can be reduced which can lead to hanging.

More materials push up prices.

Heavy due to multi-layer composition.

What kind of sleeper can sleep on a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are versatile so it caters to a wide variety of sleepers. Most hybrid mattresses range from medium-soft to medium-firm. I recommend the type of sleeper that can sleep depending on your sleep type, body type, and personal needs. Such as:

Side slipper

A soft hybrid mattress can be a perfect fit for side sleepers. Its thick comfort layers provide adequate support to your body, especially in the buttocks and shoulder area.

Back slipper

Those back slippers increase lumbar support by adjusting the curvature of a medium hybrid foam layer to keep their spine normal. The coil layer at the base of it provides the mattress and promotes the alignment of the spine.

Stomach slipper

A medium-sized hybrid mattress is suitable for those who prefer abdominal sleep. This is because it prevents spinal dislocation and the level of strong comfort backed by the coil support from sinking.

Combination slipper

A medium hybrid mattress may be suitable and beneficial for combination sleepers. Its pocket coil layer provides elasticity to make it easier to change position during your sleep.

Hot Slipper

Hybrid mattresses are beneficial for hot sleepers because their coils enhance airflow, cool the mattress, and help them breathe.

Lightweight slipper

Lightweight sleepers (weighing less than 130 pounds) who prefer some bounce on their bed. Lightweight sleepers may prefer medium-soft hybrid mattresses. This is an alternative to the soft memory foam layer. Gives their body a feeling when the coil layers add a bounce.

Average sleeper

Hybrid mattresses are perfect for average sleepers (weighing between 130 and 230 pounds) because their coil layer and medium-strength comfort layers provide a perfect balance of cushion and support for their average size.

Plus Size Slipper

A medium-firm hybrid mattress (weighing over 230 pounds) will be suitable for plus-size sleepers. A strong foam layer and coil layer prevent the mattress from feeling sinking for extra support. Because a medium-strong comfort layer of these mattresses feels body-friendly.


Hybrid mattresses have pocketed coil layers which reduces the speed transfer and makes it good. option for couples. Couples who prefer extreme soft can opt for an all-foam bed.

Overall Hybrid Mattress – Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic Mattress Review 2022 | Non Biased Reviews

If you are looking for a mattress that can give you a five-star sleep experience then you should consider Saatva Classic without delay. Because this high-end hybrid provides the plush, contouring feels you can expect from a fancy hotel mattress.

This mattress is made of materials designed for long-term durability and indomitable support. It has cooled with a dual-coil layer, a targeted spine support layer, and cushioning memory foam. Tests with exceptional test scores relieve spinal alignment, reactivity, and stress. As a result of these support mechanisms, Saatva Classic supports all body types and sleeping positions, especially those sleeping on the back and abdomen.

The best feature of Saatva

The Satva Classic Mattress comes with a premium organic cotton cover so a luxurious mattress

This mattress is actually available in three comfort profiles: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. Side sleepers should choose the plush soft model and luxury firm and firm mattresses should be reserved for back and abdominal sleep.

It has two different heights one, 11.5 and the other 14.5, you can choose how durable and supportive you want it to be.

Hybrid Mattress Cooling – Helix Midnight Luxe

The Helix Hybrid Mattress has a wide range of designs designed for specific types of sleepers’ positions and body types. One of the most popular offers is a balanced medium firm (6) design from the Helix Midnight brand that provides solid overall support as well as cushioning and contour to the body.

Helix Midnight is made with a 100% polyester cover which is soft, smooth, and retains little heat. The bottom of the cover includes two layers of comfort system foam. The upper layer consists of the memory foam of the helix known as memory plus foam. It shrinks to accommodate pressure points but it bounces a bit more and produces less heat than conventional memory foam.

The Helix Midnight Support Core also has two layers, the largest of which is made of the pocketed innerspring coil. Like other hybrid mattresses, these coils are inferior to older coils, which improves edge support and resilience when transferring speed.

 This mattress works great for side slippers over 130 pounds and back and abdominal slippers under 230 pounds. Despite having memory foam under the surface of the coils, the mattress improves the airflow enough to help it sleep soundly.

Helix Midnight is an attractive choice for those buyers who want a well-made but affordable hybrid option. Buyers who want a little more value can opt for the expensive Helix Midnight Lux, which includes an extra layer of gel-infused foam and a zoned design for the inner coil.

The Helix Midnight mattress comes with a 100-night risk-free sleep trial and the mattress is protected by a 10-year warranty.

Best Overweight Sleepers – Brooklyn Bedding Titan

For the plus-sized slippers, it becomes more difficult to find a comfortable mattress that supports the extra body weight. This is frustrating, but research has shown that Titan of Brooklyn Bedding implements a sustainable support system that promotes healthy, comfortable sleep and supports body weight. The mattresses of this hybrid model have a quilted gel memory foam on the top and pressure-reducing foam and coils underneath.

Colds are a common problem in plus-size sleepers because more body mass means more heat. You have the option of adding a cooling panel to dissipate the excess heat in this mattress. Plus-size testers report that the materials in the Titan mattress give the spine alignment and are responsive to movement.

This mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial and the mattress is protected by a 10-year warranty.

Sleeping on a hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses have some standout features that make them attractive to all types of sleepers. Mattresses in this model are popular with all types of sleepers. Here are some standout features of the mattress.

Durability: Hybrid mattresses are durable and long-lasting. This mattress is made for a long time using multiple mattress materials. Its coil inserts help maintain support year after year and foam and latex help with nighttime bed wear.

Edge Support: Hybrid durability and edge support indicate how a mattress can maintain its shape over time. Mattresses with an all-foam bed can sink and slip over time and compromise in support, but its coils help solve this problem and provide support across the entire mattress surface.

Cooling: Hybrid mattress coils, as well as latex and gel memory foam, are all designed with temperature control in mind. Using these materials on the mattress works to stop overheating and keep sleepers comfortable.

Motion Isolation: For couples especially a suitable hybrid mattress can absorb the movement happening on the mattress and prevent the whole bed from shaking. Mattress foam and coils keep the motion isolated on one side of the bed and help keep it stable on the other.

Coil: The amount of coil used in a mattress can be tied to how helpful the mattress will feel. Because the more coils are used, the more support is available. There are two main reasons to pay attention to the coils in a hybrid, one is the coil count and the other is the coil gauge. Coil calculation is the number of coils used in a hybrid and coil gauge means coil thickness. When a thin coil feels soft then a thick coil will turn into a hard mattress.

Price: It depends on your personal sleep preferences and how much you are willing to spend. Our list of the best hybrid and innerspring mattresses can help you find the best hybrid mattress for you.

What is an Innerspring Mattress?

Traditional innerspring mattresses were used as the most popular type of bed when memory foam mattresses did not come on the market. An interior mattress features springs and bounces due to its coil level. The coils form the support structure of the internal beds with a thin layer of cushioning material on top.

An Innerspring Mattress Material

The feature of an innerspring mattress is its coil which has a thin comfort layer on top of the support structure. Such as:

Comfort layer

Comfort layers often contain natural fibers, such as cotton or wool, which provide placement and extra cushions in the bed. Most innerspring mattresses have a comfort layer on top of the pillow on which an extra layer of padding is sewn. The padding may contain natural fiber, gel, wool, latex, or memory foam and may provide more cushioning. However, in the standard pillow-top you can feel the gap between the comfort layer and the padding, and in the Euro top, the padding layer is sewn under the cover. Euro tops have a more uniform appearance and do not change or lose shape.

Support layer

The support layer of the innerspring mattress consists of a bonnel, offset, continuous coil, or pocket coil as the spring base. Such as:

Bonel coils: Bonel coils are like an hourglass and their wires are attached together which makes the bed durable but the transfer speed.

Offset coils: Offset coils are also weak at isolated speeds but it supports your body and respond to compression.

Continuous coils: Uninterruptible coils are made from a single length of wire and the continuity of this wire strengthens the bed. Uninterruptible coils, however, are made of a single length of wire, making them vulnerable to speed transfer. This affects the speed of one side and affects the other side.

Pocket coils: Pocket coils are thin gauge and barrel-shaped coils that are a little expensive so they are usually found in high-quality mattresses. These coils are individually wrapped around the fabric to reduce speed transfer.

Advantages and disadvantages of an Innerspring Mattress

The advantages and disadvantages of a mattress are twofold. So for your convenience, we are highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of an Innerspring Mattress.


The innerspring coil promotes airflow and cools the mattress.

Price options: Available in a wide range of prices.


The thin comfort layer cannot adapt to the natural curvature of your spine.

Most coil transfer speeds cause sleep disturbances.

The coil tension can be reduced so that the mattress hangs.

Any type of sleeper can sleep on an innerspring mattress

Innerspring mattresses offer tough pushback which is a good alternative to some types of slippers such as plus size slippers and belly slippers. These types of slippers benefit from the strong feeling of an internal mattress because it reduces the likelihood of body aches and encourages spinal alignment.

Plus size slipper

Plus size sleepers (weighing over 230 pounds) need a hard sleeping surface to feel up on the bed so they don’t sink into the mattress. Internal beds provide strong support for comfortable sleep for plus-size sleepers.

Stomach slipper

For those who sleep on their stomachs, heavy body parts may sink while sleeping on the soft mattress. This can cause confusion in the spine and can lead to back pain. For such sleepers, a strong pushback from an internal mattress can help maintain a healthy spine alignment.

Hot Slipper

Inner springs mattress is a good option for hot slippers because its coils cool the bed and encourage airflow into the mattress. There are foam mattresses on which body heat can get trapped in the bed and make you feel hot. But the coils of InnerSprings encourage ventilation which leads you to a cool sleeping surface.

Best Innerspring Mattress by Sleep Position and Type

  • Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers – Saatva
  • Best Memory Foam Mattress – Helix Dusk
  • Editor’s Pick – WinkBed
  • Best Pillow Top Innerspring – DreamCloud Premier
  • Best Budget Innerspring Mattress: Vaya Hybrid
  • Best Cooling Innerspring Mattress – GhostBed Flex
  • Best Latex Mattress – Birch
  • Best Cooling Innerspring Mattress: Zoma Hybrid

The best mattress for sleeping on the stomach – Satva

The Saatva Mattress is a luxurious innerspring mattress for sleeping on your stomach. This is a great mattress, especially for those who have back pain. Mattresses that are too soft or drooping cause the buttocks of the sleeper to sink lower than other parts of their body and increase the pain in their back and spine while sleeping at night.

Saatva mattress leans towards a strong feeling and helps to distribute body weight evenly while sleeping. This is why I refer to this mattress as a luxury mattress. Its breathable cotton cover has a thin layer of thin memory foam so that it goes over the pillow.

A layer of steel coil wrapped in foam provides a supporting structure on top of the pillow and it comes in three different stiffness levels. But I would say that two of the strongest for sleeping on the stomach would be good.

Best Memory Foam Mattress – Helix Dusk

The helix desk mattress is great for back sleep and has a moderately strong feel. This mattress makes a great choice for rear slippers as well as combination slippers.

The Helix Dusk comes in both standard and Lux options, a Dusk mid-feel and Dusk Luxe medium-strong. The reason this model makes the cut is because it provides all the support of an interior mattress, as well as the plush, memory foam that many of us like.

The innerspring coils of both models create a bouncy, supportive feel that is great for back and combo sleepers, and it keeps the mattress on top of them instead of sticking in. This mattress is also quite durable, durable and supports the edges. Both models come at affordable prices and allow you to use as much space as possible. However, the price of Luxe is a bit higher.

Best Pillow Top InnerSpring – DreamCloud Premier

The DreamCloud Premier mattress is a great choice for back slippers and combination slippers. This is a hybrid bed-in-a-box mattress that feels very luxurious and offers plenty of strong support and soft pressure relief.

This pillow top mattress is a great option for back and side sleepers because this soft top fills and transforms sensitive areas in the body. The coils at the base of the mattress also support the body making it very good for people with pain. If you sleep on a tight stomach, you may not get all the help you need from this bed.

The DreamCloud Premiere has a thick and comfortable top that doesn’t make it feel as cold as some traditional or other innerspring mattresses. However, it cannot be described as hot. If you are accustomed to a lot of wind, you may not be as accustomed to it.

Benefits of Innerspring Mattresses

Inner springs use a dense layer of metal spring coils of different gauges and densities to provide support and pressure relief. The innerspring uses an encapsulation foam on the top and sides of the mattress to protect the coils of the mattress and provide an extra comfort layer on top.

When you consider buying the best innerspring mattress, be sure to look at the type of coil used, the gauge of the coil, how many have been used, and how the coils are connected to each other. An interior mattress can be a very high-quality mattress if it performs well in all four categories.


Can I turn over a hybrid mattress?

The answer is no, I can flip a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses should never be overturned as they are designed to face only. Its comfort levels should be at the top and the coils should be at the bottom.

Is hybrid good for back pain?

Hybrid mattresses are available in different firmness levels. People with back pain can easily get the support and comfort they need. In particular, those hybrid mattresses that hold memory foam at the comfort level adapt to the normal curvature of your spine. These reduce your awkward or pain-causing stress points and promote lumbar support.

Need a box spring with a hybrid mattress?

A box spring is not specifically required for a hybrid mattress as it is compatible with a foundation, platform bed, or adjustable bed base.

How long do innerspring mattresses last?

The stability of an innerspring mattress depends on the strength of the coil in its support structure. High-quality inner springs mattresses can last 7-8 years, but beds with lower coils break down quickly, causing the mattress to sag and deteriorate.

Why is a hybrid mattress more expensive than an innerspring?

Hybrid pads are much more expensive than innerspring because they have a pocket coil base. These coils are more expensive than Bonnel, offset, or continuous coils. Most hybrid mattresses have more layers than an indoor spring, which makes them more expensive.


Deciding on the right mattress can be difficult, so here is a list of the best hybrid and innerspring mattresses for you. You can follow our guide before choosing your new mattress. What type of mattress you need depends on your body weight, sleeping position, your needs, advantages, and disadvantages. A high-quality best hybrid and innerspring mattress bed can meet almost all sleep needs.

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